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Enhancing board capability to improve enterprise outcomes


Boards are under increasing pressure to perform – public scrutiny is intense, regulatory encumbrances are increasing, and shareholders are demanding greater accountability.

This is not the time for lax governance.

Now is the time for robust decision-making, agile strategy setting, and effective risk management; time to look beyond mere ‘good governance’ and actively focus on building teams that succeed.

Board Performance Reviews

Working closely with our clients, we design a review process that allows the board to focus on specific areas and to move with confidence in addressing any perceived areas of weakness or underperformance.

Roger Federer has a tennis coach; Mike Tyson had a boxing coach. Who does your board have?

Board Succession Planning

Director tenure and independence are current topics of focus for active shareholders and other stakeholders. Building a strategic succession plan – one that allows the board to retain and enhance the skills required for successful oversight of strategy or delivery of projects – is a task that all boards need to undertake, yet few have the specialist expertise to deliver. Our safe, experienced hands will guide you through the process.

Director and Board Education

Directorship is not commonly taught, nor is it widely studied. Keep your board up to the mark with one of our targeted, practical, enjoyable, and effective workshops. Select from a topic that is currently taxing your board or opt for an update on the current areas of ASX, ACNC, and ASIC focus.

Confidential, one-on-one director mentoring and whole-board workshops are also available. Our expert mentors and facilitators have written and delivered numerous courses for the Australian Institute of Company Directors and other institutions.

CEO Search and Appointment

Appointing the CEO is arguably the most important decision a board will make:  get it right, and magic happens; get it wrong, and the consequences can be devastating.

AltoPartners works with the board – and from the board’s skills matrix, strategic plan, and succession plan – to ascertain the skills required to lead the company. A proven search methodology removes the element of luck to deliver the precise skills and characteristics the board wants and the organisation needs.

Board Strategy Workshops

The key role of the board is to set a strategy that will lead to success. While opinions differ on the role of the board in the strategy process, the legal standard of director diligence is that every director must be able to understand, test, and endorse the strategy.

AltoPartners’ strategic planning workshops engage the board with the strategic plan and build capability for strategy development, oversight, and adaptation, without undermining the delegated powers of the CEO and management.

Board Risk Workshops

Boards are in the firing line if things go wrong. They are also held accountable for corporate culture, workplace health and safety, employment, trade practices, and a host of operational issues that rarely feature in the board’s agenda and yet can undermine its reputation. Our insightful workshops allow directors to discharge their duty, understand their risks, and align operations to strategic and regulatory requirements.







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